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2017.02.20 AD - To sell oil.

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Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Here's today's thought of the day; come on!

"To sell oil"[1]

[BGM 'Bad Boy']

To sell oil. Ahh.

This is an idiom that means to while away the time in idle chatter or to secretly slack off at work. The word is derived from the Edo period when merchants of hair oil would gossip with their customers as they sold their wares.

This was sent in by listener Miya-san of Tokyo. Her message reads:

"It's good to sell oil while working once in moderation, right? Satoshi-kun, you're selling olive oil, right? Lately, edible oil has been a hot thing for me personally, so I figured I'd better immediately go buy some. On that note, culinary man Satoshi-kun, please share some recommended recipes or uses of olive oil."

So for me, I was given the opportunity to be in the J-Oil Mills Ajinomoto 'Olive Oil Extra Virgin' CM.

Even for a CM, they put olive oil on a variety of food and I ate them in the CM. I was surprised. In this CM, they put olive oil on salmon, dribbled a little into miso soup... 'Ah, it really goes well!'

Like, pretty often while doing this CM, surprisingly even the director was like, "Hey, this goes well! This goes well!" It was a very fun CM to shoot.

So I received a lot of that olive oil. I immediately made ajillo. Man, it was delicious! (laughs)

For ajillo, it uses quite a lot of olive oil, so it goes down pretty quick. Mm. You really get to fully enjoy it.

So I'm already pretty glad to hear that, but I'm going to read out another one here.

From Yuukorin-san.

"Ohno-kun, good day. In your olive oil commercial, you got to try bits and pieces of various dishes, didn't you? This isn't an original creation of mine but at the Italian restaurant I often go to, they have a dessert where they put olive oil on vanilla ice cream. It's extremely compatible and delicious; by all means do try it out!"

Ah, in the CM we did dessert as well. I think it was yoghurt? I've never tried it on ice cream though.

There's ice cream right here, actually! It's been a while, hasn't it? That they've had food right here in front of me for me to eat?

So here I'm going to put on some Extra Virgin (olive oil). Drip-drip!

(sound of a bottle cap snapping shut) Right, so how will it taste? Here goes!

Ah, delicious! Olive oil goes with everything! Man, it's really delicious. It goes with sweet food as well.

Man, it's extremely tasty. It's kinda, like, olive oil is so posh. I think it's posh. Mm. It kinda makes it taste posh. Man, it's great!

Folks, try it out with all sorts of things! It'll probably go well with it!

Yeah. I'm also going to try all sorts of things with this. If I have any good ones, I'll let you know.

That's all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


[1] In Japanese: 油を売る (abura wo uru)

Grab today's audio here, courtesy of the lovely nepheliads


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