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2017.03.21 AD - Ohno-Kurihara Studio Talk 2

<º))))>< Translation of Ohno Satoshi's 'Arashi Discovery'
<º))))>< Translations by ear (aided by Japanese transcripts).
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Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
This week we have a special project, come on!

Ohno: Oh-chan's and—

Kurihara (radio host of 'Morning Steps'): —Kuri-chan's—

Both: —Studio Talk!

[BGM 'Kitto Daijoubu']

O: Right! This week, Kurihara-san will be our guest as we look back through the 14 and a half years.

K: That's right. Today, I've got the easily-understood song 'Kitto Daijoubu' on, and I'd like to ask Ohno-kun — to ask Oh-chan — again what his impressions are of the 14 years, even if he has a face like this is so sudden.

O: (laughs)

K: So you've been at it for 14.5 years. This 'Kitto Daijoubu' came out 17th May 2006.

O: In 2006? Ohh.

K: In 2006! Like, for me, I have this lasting impression that it was around the time 'Kitto Daijoubu' came out that this corner just exploded in popularity.

O: Ehh. Is that so?

K: That's just my own sense of it.

O: That was the time when all 5 of us in Arashi were filming a movie called 'Kiiroi Namida'.

And then, I have memories of singing this 'Kitto Daijoubu' on Music Station and stuff.

K: Ahh. Um, is there any song for Oh-chan that left the impression that 'Arashi's had their big break'?

O: Break?

K: Like, for the actual person himself to actually realise he's made it when he hears it.

O: That'd be 'A.RA.SHI', of course. (laughs)


With Arashi's 'A.RA.SHI', I personally don't know if I have any impression of it.

K: Ah, is that the sort of sense you had?

O: Yeah. Like I had no idea if the CD sold well or not.

K: This is, naturally, the debut number we're talking about. 3rd November 1999, 'A.RA.SHI'.

O: Yeah.

K: So even after releasing 50 songs, you feel even now that this is the song that's left the biggest impression of you of having made your big break...?

O: Yeah. Ah, but then maybe it's 'truth'.

[BGM 'truth']

K: Oh?

O: If you put it that way, it'd be 'truth'.

K: We're listening to it now! That was in 2008, wasn't it?

O: Honestly, I had the impression that for Arashi, this was probably the first out of all the songs to date which wasn't really like the compositions of the others.

The first time I heard it, I was like, oh, is Arashi really going to sing this song? That was the impression I had.

Ah, that's right. It was the song for the drama I did, but— it was the theme song, so there were parts that matched that, but like... It left the strongest impression of being a different composition style.

K: But looking over the song list like this, even though there are over 50 songs, if you go through them one by one, they all have some sort of impression associated with them, right?

O: Yeah. Like, we've released that many?

K: Like, they all have strong personalities! How marvellous! 'One Love' was before 'truth', right?

O: That's right!

K: June 2008 was 'One Love', then in August it was 'truth'.

O: 'One Love' was probably the 22nd one. For singles. Like, I don't know why but that's one thing I always remember.

K: Why do you remember that?

O: Probably it was like, we've already released 22 singles! So I remembered that. Then before I realised it, we've releaased 50 singles... (laughs)

[BGM 'One Love']

K: It's incredible. Probably none of the fans listening to this radio show wants to know this, but for me, the 4 big Arashi songs are: 'Kitto Daijoubu', 'Happiness', 'One Love' — I had that playing at my wedding... (laughs)

O: That's important! Thank you very much, really.

K: Even now you hear it! Like they say they're getting married and they request us to play this song for this corner.

O: Ahh.

K: And then there's 'season'. It's an amazingly good song.

[BGM 'season']

O: For sure, 'season' is easy on the ears.

K: Why do you think it's easy on the ears?

O: Like, for me, for songs like 'season' and all, they sort of have this clear transparent feel. And like even at recordings, I have an impression that they felt great. Yeah.

K: This week and next week well regrettably be the last for this show.

O: That's right.

K: So if you could leave us a message regarding Arashi's 50 songs.

O: Man, but certainly even recently, we've been given the opportunity to release many songs.

Naturally, when I started out in radio, those songs? In 2002 or 2003? When I hear the songs we released when I just started out in radio, I tend to recall stuff.

K: Related to doing radio?

O: Yeah, somehow or another. I mean, it's more than 10 years ago, right? Like, I remember the times when I couldn't speak very well. When I couldn't read a lot of kanji and stuff. (laughs)

K: Truly, you've really come a long way, thank you very much.

O: Not at all, thank you very much.

K: Right, so if you can give us a word of closing!

O: That's all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


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Grab today's episode here, courtesy of nepheliads


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