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The Arashi art post

For those who may not have deviantart accounts who may wish to comment. Also because I need to want to draw more Arashi and I welcome suggestions. =)

[click on the above to enlarge]

I've had art block for the longest time. I almost decided to give up on art because I felt like I was hopeless at it: I've never completed a piece I was satisfied with. I lacked patience, detail. Whatever I could do, thousands could do better. 

Then Arashi came into my life and their always-charging-onwards-no-matter-what, 何もできる attitude inspired me.

Don't give up. You don't have to create original masterpieces from the get-go; just go back to the basics and practice portrait-drawing or anatomy; the rest will come with time. Nothing starts off being perfect. もっと頑張!

And so I picked up a pencil again. =)
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I have no constructive criticism because I'm awful like that, but I think these are really fantastic. I love the way you do shading, both in the crosshatch and contour works.

As far as suggestions go, I'm going to be a shameless fangirl and suggest more Nino. :D
Heh, coincidentally (or not xD *has a tendency to be Nino-biased*) I'm actually working on a Nino pic right now for a friend :P
These are exciting times! I'm looking forward to seeing it. :D


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Mmm...not in the position to criticize because I am really not good in drawing but I really like them especially the drawing of Aiba. It looks exactly like the one in the magazine.

Keep it up!
You don't have to be able to draw to criticise (I do it all the time xD)! Everyone knows what they like and dislike after all. And even if you can't criticise, you can always suggest something ^___~

I'm glad you liked that drawing! I have plans for another more epic (and more emo) Aiba drawing, to make up for the lack of Aiba so far. (But wait, your ichiban is Sho, right? Or am I getting confused now...?)
My friends always say I am not artistic enough but I do take nice photograph :P. Will post in my LJ so hope you can comment on that too. :)

Yup you are correct, my ichiban is sho but I also like Aiba too. Who can resist that adorable sunshine smile.

Looking forward to more of your drawing! :)


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You know that I loveeee your sketches!
Did I see you type out the word 'suggestion'?? because I am about to make you sketch more Jun for me!
Sure, suggest away! As long as I can suggest you make Arashi icons for me... Fair trade is no robbery! XDD
YAAAY!! No problem! I'll make as many as you want me to!
Are you coming on msn later? *searches her collection of jun pics*


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wow! for me who always fail or barely pass the art class in school last time, i can only say Sugoii!!!!

its really amazing! i really like the drawing with nino wearing checkereds. the checkereds are so well done!!!!

love all of ittttt <33333
Ahh, I have horrible memories of art class in school! When I was in primary school my art teacher used to take me out of my other classes to work on a drawing for her for an exhibition. It was almost the size of my bed and took me weeks. And then when I handed it in to her, she LOST my work one week later! Since then I never put any extra effort in art class ever again ;___;

Thank you; glad you like it! I love Nino in checkered clothes; I actually refer to one of my red checked shirts as my 'Nino shirt' XDD
omg that is like :x. if i were you, i will toatlly lose my motivation too. But u got the talent, i don't. haha

yes! arashi in checkereds is totally <333333. that time during my girl,aiba wore checks like in every ep! im so happy! haha, basically arashi wore checks quite frequently, and junjun said he like checkereds before right? hehe

im happy to find a friend who has a checkereds fetish like me! wahahhaaha xDDDDD
They're so good.
You are so good at it dear! I love drawing, art too. I was thinking that I'm hopeless too! But like you, I didn't give up and picked up a pencil! ^-^)) so still long way to go for me ^^
thank you. and again, your works are great! =))
You know I'm jealous of people who have artistic hands?

And are you sure you are right when you said you are hopeless when it comes to art? They are really beautiful pieces (including the sketches!) and I'm amazed and really impressed with some of your artworks!
so pretty!
man you'r good!!
it takes years of practice to be this good!
I know, because I used to draw... but when I realize I don't have patience or passion in it, I stop.. my drawing also not that good is one of the reason I quit... maybe I should draw again... just for fun and nothing serious..

^-^ happy weekend!!~
yama pic, saiko XD


January 9 2014, 02:32:07 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  January 9 2014, 02:35:25 UTC

I love your artwork! In some pic you put right expression and there's emotion on it. I love your pencil sketches, it's really hard to make shading effect like that (look at Nino pic *_*) and that coloured pics, WOW! (do you use pencil/water colour for this?). I love your chibi and 'manga' style too! Ahh, I'm so jealous that you can draw with many different styles >_<

Actually I've artblock too since years ago. Draw is just my hobby and i'm not good at it. But when I saw Riida picture for Kame days ago, suddenly i feel jealous? (XDD) and feel like : Ehh~ i want to draw again!! I know I'm already hopeless but still, i want to draw even just for fun. So i picked up a pencil like you and start again ^^

From me (and I believe from others too) don't give up! Maybe they're lucky people who born genius, but i believe that geniuses can be made too isn't? Keep practice and draw more!! \(^^)/ Ah, and may I suggest you to draw more of Riida please? (hiding)

PS. So sorry for long comment & bad english m(_ _)m
This is the reason why I totally envy people who can draw. I can't even draw proper stick people for the life of me, but you, you are awesome. I want to add more adjectives to show my appreciation but right now my vocabulary kinda sucks.

My favorite would have to be "Serendipity" (yes, I even checked out your deviantart gallery). It's so beautiful (still lacking a better adjective). I love the colors!

Please continue making art! 頑張って!
That's all. Have a nice day!

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Hi..i add you as a friend if you don't mind :)I want to make friend with Arashi's fans :)
Please add me back if you want :D
I love them! My network's so slow I could only see Jun, his lips! You did wonderful with his luscious lips *drools*
Ah I need to draw again too. I actually bought a sketchbook and gave myself a 100pagesofmysketchbook challenge. Now I'm forever stuck at page 2 XD XD XD
I'm adding you on deviantart! Hope you don't mind^^
Thank you for posting your arts here. It's also inspired me to make like those arts too. 本当にありがとう. o(^u^)o
ohchan & art can't be seperated XD