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The Arashi art post

For those who may not have deviantart accounts who may wish to comment. Also because I need to want to draw more Arashi and I welcome suggestions. =)

[click on the above to enlarge]

I've had art block for the longest time. I almost decided to give up on art because I felt like I was hopeless at it: I've never completed a piece I was satisfied with. I lacked patience, detail. Whatever I could do, thousands could do better. 

Then Arashi came into my life and their always-charging-onwards-no-matter-what, 何もできる attitude inspired me.

Don't give up. You don't have to create original masterpieces from the get-go; just go back to the basics and practice portrait-drawing or anatomy; the rest will come with time. Nothing starts off being perfect. もっと頑張!

And so I picked up a pencil again. =)
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