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2014.04.07 AD - Weakness isn't embarrassing.

fish Translation of Ohno Satoshi's 'Arashi Discovery'
fish Translations by ear (and japanese transcripts if I miss stuff).
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Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s the thought of the day; come on!

"Weakness is not embarrassing. Not making way for that weakness is embarrassing."

[BGM ‘Hit the floor’]

All humans are weak.
This is a quote by Shimazaki Tōson-san, an author who was active from the Meiji to the Shōwa periods. It is important to accept weaknesses.

Right, so on that note, Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari has said so, too. "Even if we are weak, we will win".

That's it. That's right, speaking of Ninomiya Kazunari... The NTV drama starring Ninomiya Kazunari is on Saturday. The Saturday drama 'Even if We Are Weak, We Will Win'. That's this weekend. It starts 12th April. 'Even if We Are Weak, We Will Win' So that's Nino-chan's drama.

Not only that, we were given the chance to be in charge of the theme song! Thank you.


The title is 'GUTS!'. Right. Unbelievably, in total, it'll be our 43rd. Incredible, huh? This song. This song will go on sale on 30th April.

Like, I don't know about the drama yet, but well, seems like it'll have a baseball theme. Well, it kinda feels like a rooters' song. We've already filmed the promotion video. The choreography and all, I had a little hand in that. Like the chorus and all. It's baseball-like. Hint. Or rather than 'hint', we swing and there's a move like throwing the ball, too. Like, there was the impression that this would liven things up if we did it at a concert.

Well, Ninomiya-kun is doing a drama, too. It's the first time that I'm doing a drama in the same season as Nino, I think. Mm. So I'm happy about that. If we talk about it together, it be like, "What episode did you film today?" (laughs) Something like that.

Like rather than how tough it is, it'd be like "What episode did you film today?" But you'd want to know these things, mutually so. Mm. Well, for the theme song of Nino's drama 'Even if We Are Weak, We Will Win', It's Arashi's 'GUTS!'. Guts.

Well, the coupling song will be included. So by all means, it's the 43rd single, you know! Incredible, huh? It's all thanks to everyone, truly.

So by all means, do listen to it. It seems like something that'd liven up a karaoke session, too. So, naturally the chorus, everyone, please do the choreography while you're at a karaoke box. (laughs) Mm, I'd like you to dance to it.

On sale 30th April. If you'd please!

So the gutsy one on the phone! Please introduce the song in a lively way!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


Grab today’s ep here, courtesy of nepheliads ♥.


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