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2014.20.27 AD - The world is a looking-glass.

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Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Here's today's thought of the day; come on!

"The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face."[1]

[BGM 'Imaging Crazy']

It's been a while for the quotes of the day, huh? And I assumed a weird character without even realising it.

This is a quote from the 19th century English novelist, William Thackeray-san. If you have a positive attitude, everything will be reflected in your eyes with positivity. With a negative mood, everything in the world will seem negative. How are you looking at the world right now?

This quote was sent in by listener Ecchan. The message reads:

"Speaking of mirrors, I've always wondered. Satoshi-kun, when you're coming up with choreography for stuff, do you look into a mirror? What sort of places do you often look at?"

Ohh. Mirrors, huh? Firstly, I'll have the image in my head. Um, I don't look at a mirror yet. So when I look in the mirror to see whether I'm dancing what was in my head, often it's quite different from the image in my head. It comes as a shock. (laughs) And then I don't really dance right in front of the mirror. I'd usually dance quite a distance from it. If I'm too close, I can't really tell if it's good or bad.

Well, for concerts and stuff, there aren't any members of the audience who'd be that close. So I'd be dancing at about that distance away from the mirror.

So the other day, well, right now, that's right... We're in the midst of rehearsals doing the choreography. So I'm doing some for other songs besides 'Zero-G'.

Um... Until now, whenever I do choreography and stuff, when I'm done, I've never had to film it or anything. I can remember it myself just fine. So I've always been able to remember them, but I filmed it once on my phone. I set it up, pressed start and had the music playing while I did it. So I filmed one song. And then when I wanted to watch it, I don't know why but it cut off at about a minute in. 'Eh??' And I'd danced my heart out there! So apparently I'd had the settings wrong or something. So I tried again.

Somehow... I felt kinda embarrassed so I went home to watch it. There were parts I wasn't happy with, personally. So I figured I'd change those. So then I pressed 'play' and my phone had filmed it right to the end. Then when the dance had ended, like, I had this disagreeable look on my face. I was wiping off my sweat while walking up to my phone. That was embarrassing!

I was so embarrassed for myself. That was raw, right? That was rawest thing ever. And then like, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. That squirming was great. It was funny. Yeah. Like at the parts I was confident of, I'd dance confidently. That was embarrassing too.

It was like, "What the heck are you being so confident about?" (laughs) I couldn't help thinking that.

Well, I tried all sorts of things. Yeah. So for those of you coming to watch, you can imagine, 'So this is how Satoshi-kun did it; he filmed this choreography'. So that's another way to enjoy the performance!

That's all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


[1] Full(er) quote from Vanity Fair (1847-1848), vol. I, ch. 2: "The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it, and it will in turn look sourly upon you; laugh at it and with it, and it is a jolly kind companion; and so let all young persons take their choice."

Grab today's episode here, courtesy of nepheliads


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