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2014.10.28 AD - No accounting for taste.

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Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Here's today's thought of the day; come on!

[in English] "There's no accounting for taste."

[BGM 'Imaging Crazy']

Sorry, went a bit overboard with the expression there at the end.
This is an English saying that means that hobbies and preferences can't be explained and that people's tastes vary. In Japanese, an equivalent expression would be: 'Even the worms that eat knotweed have their preferences.'[1]

Ohh. This was sent in by listener Chime-san. The message reads:

"Satoshi-kun, good morning. The other day, my son violently asserted that "Meat and potato stew doesn't need green peas!" When I told him that meat and potato stew looks tastier with green in it, he was unyielding and said, 'Meat and potato stew doesn't need green in it!' It's not even that he hates green peas; he just doesn't seem to approve of them in meat and potato stew. Satoshi-kun, are there dishes where you don't approve of having a certain thing in them?"

Ahh, of course. That happens, right? For all sorts of things. Then you should say, "Then make it yourself!" once and see. (laughs) Try saying that once, I can't help thinking.

But man, I understand. But I can understand your son doing that. I mean, everyone has that, right?

In my case, it's pineapples and stuff in sweet-and-sour pork. It's not that I particularly hate it. It's more like if you could leave it off, then it's fine without.

So well, same goes for any hot food. Adding fruits to those, now, it's not really... I can't really imagine using chopsticks to poke at those. Mm.

And then since a long time ago, it's not that I don't approve of it but the carrots on the side of hamburger steaks? That's just overdoing it.

Like, those are sweet, right? Um, like the sweetness of carrots is kinda conflicting. It's not that I wouldn't eat them at all. Raw carrots, like vegetable sticks and all, I'd eat those. They don't really taste sweet. They're crispy and all, it's great, I like that sort of texture.

But when you simmer those until they're soft and mixed with that sweetness, it's kinda... like... "Ah, you went that far?"

It's like, it's different to the image of sweetness you get from its orange colour. Until now, I don't eat them. In general, I eat everything, though. It's just that I don't really like them.

It's just that, if I hadn't eaten for 3 days and then you were to put a hamburger steak with a large side of carrots before me, I'd eat them. So I can eat them.

What I wanted to say was precisely that. Yeah.

'There's no accounting for taste!' (laughs)

That's all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


[1] The saying in Japanese is 蓼食う虫も好き好き.

Grab today's episode here, courtesy of nepheliads


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