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2014.11.03 AD - Arashi x A.RA.SHI

Translation of Ohno Satoshi's 'Arashi Discovery'
Translations by ear (and japanese transcripts if I miss stuff).
Check my FAQ if you have questions.


Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Here's today's thought of the day; come on!

"Even if people of the same personality band together, the power is only a sum of the total. If people of different personalities unite, it will be the product."


I see. That's solidarity.
This is a quote from the captain of the main Antarctic wintering party, Nishibori Eizaburo-san.

So the sum is the numbers added up, while the product is the numbers multiplied. That's what it means. This was sent in by listener Blue Star-san. The message reads:

"Oh-chan, good morning. I thought that this quote perfectly expresses Arashi's 15 years. Multiplication instead of addition. With the members' different personalities combined, it transforms into a new appeal that's exponential. Furthermore, multiply that by 15 years and to me, that's a power that cannot be counted!"

I see. It's been 15 years. Today is the debut day. For the release of 'A.RA.SHI'! (cheers)

Time flies! But well, feels like the 5 of us have always been together. Well, often, with the 5 of us, um, I guess it's since we've gotten to act together or something. I mean, yeah, when the 5 of us have to wait and stuff, I have that impression.

Especially during the movie 'Kiiroi Namida'. There were other co-stars, too, and we'd occasionally talk to them and all, but the 5 of us just stuck together out of habit. So we were constantly playing hand games[1]. (laughs)

It was pretty relaxed. But definitely with the 5 of us. And for me, especially, if we had 2-3 hours to kill. Well, there was a greenroom for us. So at those times, the members would sleep and stuff. But during those times I'd be... Well, back then it was nearly time for our concerts, so I'd be thinking of choreography. I figured I'd watch dance DVDs, so I brought along a portable player. I'd watch those and then... Figures. Clay figures. I'd bring those along too. (laughs)

I was making figures. They were little ones, so I'd be making them with a toothpick. Mm.

So those 2-3 hours would just pass in a blink of an eye. And then when we got on the set, we'd have to wait again. So the 5 of us would be playing hand games again, like "Ready, and... 2!" "Ahh!" and all. Just like grade-schoolers. (laughs)

Well, so it was something like that. I guess it's always been like that? It still hasn't changed even now.

So it's the 3rd of November. But surprisingly, in these 15 years, 3rd November tends to be a day off. So for some years, we never had any grand celebrations.

Probably (laughs) for this 3rd November, I'd probably just be thinking of the choreography for my own solo. Really. (laughs)

Seriously. It'll be a day spent alone thinking. So while I'm alone in anguish over my choreography, I think I'll go home alone and have a drink and sleep. So for this day, yeah... Please think of that.

That's all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


[1] Leader actually says 'イッセーのセ 1', which literally means 'Ready, and... 1'. He's referring to a hand game played in a group of people where everyone holds out both fists and each round starts with someone calling out a number. Everyone then can raise their thumbs or keep them down, and if the number of raised thumbs matches the number called out, the caller wins the round and gets to remove one fist. The aim is to withdraw both fists; the last person left is the loser.

No audio today, but there are recordings out there on Youtube if you're really dying to hear it.


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