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2016.08.30 AD - Go where your legs take you.

<º))))>< Translation of Ohno Satoshi's 'Arashi Discovery'
<º))))>< Translations by ear (aided by Japanese transcripts).
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Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Here's today's thought of the day; come on!

"A person taking a walk in Musashino must not be worried about losing their way. No matter which road they take, as long as they keep going the way their legs take them, they should definitely see, hear and feel there is game there."[1]

[BGM 'Power of the Paradise']

Ohh. Game?

This is a quote by the Meiji-era author Kunikida Doppo-san, from his short story collection, 'Musashino'. 'Musashino' is located in the western part of Tokyo, or to the south-west of Saitama. In the Musashino of old, it seems that no matter where you went, you would discover something interesting.

Musashino, huh? It's great. Man, but like, going for a stroll... I think walking is good. Lately, have I been walking?

In the past, in my hometown... As a kid, you'd often walk around, right? Of course, I'd walk to school and stuff. Now it seems the number of fish ponds and stuff have decreased. In the past there were loads. Crossing over the roadbed, you'd walk a little further in and then there'd be one.

I often used to go there, but I wonder if it's still there?

I'd want that sort of thing (to still be there). I mean, it was really calming. Like if I was given some free time, I'd like to go walk the places I used to walk once more.

For me, I went to my school. As an adult, probably about 10 years ago. It's in my artbook. Like my own artworks were displayed at my alma mater and I'd taken photos of it. But back then, there was still quite a lot of it left. I remembered.

So like, when I was a kid... So I'd like to walk that street I used to take to go to school. I really want to walk it. That sort of thing. I remember it pretty well.

Mm. Or like, the park along the way and all. I sorta want to go there by myself, I think.

Everyone has places like this, right? Like I often talk about it with my friends. Like our old school or whatever, we should have a project to retrace the path we used to take there.

I think it'd be interesting to do that. But the difference in enthusiasm between my friends is amazing, though. I was really hyped up about it, but he was like, "Ah, really?"

It's better if we do it together, right?? (laughs) I wonder if it'd be interesting? (laughs) I get the feeling it'd be better to go alone.

Well, but everyone, too, if you haven't been before, it's a pretty rare thing, right? Like after over 10 years... You should try it!

It'd be best to go with some old school friends. Yeah.

So I'd like to try that some day. If I do, I'll let you know about it!

That's all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


[1] In Japanese: 武蔵野に散歩する人は、道に迷うことを苦にしてはならない。どの路でも足の向くほうへゆけばかならずそこに見るべく、聞くべく、感ずべき獲物がある. (Musashino ni sanpo suru hito wa , michi ni mayō koto o ku ni shite wa naranai . dono michi de mo ashi no muku hō he yukeba kanarazu soko ni miru beku , kiku beku , kanzu beki emono ga aru)

Grab today's episode here, courtesy of nepheliads

(ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Happy Jun Day everyone! ♥♥♥ ✧・゚:*╰(✧∇✧╰)


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