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2016.11.02 AD - It's how you carry it.

<º))))>< Translation of Ohno Satoshi's 'Arashi Discovery'
<º))))>< Translations by ear (aided by Japanese transcripts).
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Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Here's today's thought of the day; come on!

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."[1]

[BGM 'Don't You Get It']

Ahh. I see.

This is a quote by American jazz singer and Hollywood star, Lena Horne-san. When you're carrying a heavy load, you can make it a lot easier to carry just by changing the way you hold it.

In terms of emotions, if you change your view or mindset even just a little, doesn't it make things a lot easier?

If there are folks out there who've felt they've reached their limits lately, just set down the burden you carry for a moment and change the way you carry it!

Right? Certainly. That's quite possible. You might be able to see something differently.

Burdens. Heavy. Bags. Backpacks.

Backpacks are handy, aren't they? Come to think of it.

Like I... I do have them. Like those given to me by people. I do have them. I figure I should use them sometime.

Up until now, I've just had a history of waist pouches though.

But like, I've thought about wanting to use backpacks, but I don't really have all that much. Stuff to put in.

Like I figure maybe I should use them during tours and all... What does everyone put in there??

I don't understand this... But whatever.

I'd like to see what's in the bags of Johnnys talents. (laughs)

Well, I generally already know for Arashi. More or less. Like they'd put in music players of all sorts, put in laptops.

I wonder if other groups are the same?

I mean, the one I got from Sho-chan – a mini-bag, I think? That's really useful.

So for me... sweets. (laughs) Sweets, and keys, and my wallet. That's about it.

But well, when I was doing the drama or movie, I'd roll up my script and put it in. It's just nice. So it fits in there, all of it.

For example, if I had work where I had to stay somewhere overnight, I'd roll up my underwear and socks, and then a t-shirt to change into, that's enough, right?

It's not like I have to bring extra trousers. I mean, long ago when we went to Australia, I just went with a waist pouch with my changes of underwear and socks. I figured I could just buy whatever I needed there.

But they all fit. Mm. That's how it feels.

So yeah, amongst the Johnnys talents, whose bag would I want to see the contents of...?

Who would that be?

Nagano-kun. (laughs) I'd like to see inside Nagano-kun's bag!

Like with Nagano-kun, I've always had an image of him with backpacks.

When I was a Junior, when I saw him... Like in the past, from inside Nagano-kun's bag... Since he likes cooking and he likes going around eating at places, he had this album thing with all their business cards. I've seen that before. He's taken it out of his bag before.

I wonder if he still has that now? I'm curious.

Mm. I'd like to see. If the timing arises... By all means!

That's all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


[1] Quote sites on the net love attributing this to Lena Horne (and C.S.Lewis / Lou Holtz) but there's no citation /sources, so your guess is as good as mine.

Grab today's episode here, courtesy of nepheliads


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