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2017.03.03 AD - Of fish and fishing.

<º))))>< Translation of Ohno Satoshi's 'Arashi Discovery'
<º))))>< Translations by ear (aided by Japanese transcripts).
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'Let's light the lanterns on the tiered stand~~~'[1]

Today's 3rd March, Hina Matsuri (Girl's Day / Dolls Festival)!

[BGM ‘Kumori Nochi, Kaisei’]

Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Every Friday I respond to the messages received on this show.

First up is one from Maho-san of Saitama, age 18.
"Satoshi-kun, you mentioned that when you're tired of brushing your teeth, you move your head instead. I hate using the hairdryer and I hate baths. How can I make using the hairdryer and bath more fun?"

Ohh. How about just don't go in? (laughs)

But as for hairdryers... Eh? I don't use hairdryers, pretty much. I just let it dry naturally. The hairdryer...

Right, I know. Right, Maho-san, train your muscles! Think of drying your hair like working out. You dry your hair in a sort of bowing position, right?

Not any more! Arch your body when you dry. In doing that, you'll be training your muscles. Then you'll tighten your stomach. Yeah.

That way, you'll be dry and you'll also be able to work out. Good things all around! Your stomach will be tighter, too.

Right? So it's better to do it that way. And go bath!

Good luck! If you hum, it'll pass faster!

Next, from Yuri-Life-san from Kanagawa, first year highschooler.

"Satoshi-kun, good morning. When I go to sushi places, I start off and finish with whelks. That's how much I like whelks. Satoshi-kun, when you go to sushi places, is there anything you'd be happy to eat just solely that?"

Ahh. What do I like, I wonder? For me... uni gunkan-maki (sea urchin roe battleship roll). Mm. To begin with, if there's uni gunkan-maki, I'll immediately eat it.

And then, for me, for example, when they're celebrating something at work, occasionally they'll have sushi prepared for us. So at those times, firstly, if there's any uni gunkan-maki, I'd eat that. Then I'd eat another uni gunkan-maki.

Then... where would I go? I'd probably eat hirame (flounder) sushi, then if there's any engawa (fluke fin) sushi, I'll eat that.

And then I'll have some pickled ginger in between, drink some tea... Then, right, I'll be looking at the sushi the whole time and be like, 'it's about time I started on the maguro akami (lean tuna)'. Then I'd eat some squid, and then... aji (horse mackerel). If there's any aji. Then I'd take a break.

Then naturally it's like, I still want to eat another one. So like, if I think about what I still want to eat, it'd be uni gunkan-maki.

So in the time when nobody's eating, I'll secretly eat. And then the uni gunkan-maki will disappear. Quietly.

Something like that...

[BGM ‘Hit the floor’]

Next, from Fuu-chan, age 17.

"Oh-chan, good morning. Last year, when my upperclassmen 2 years above me graduated, they advised me to get a boyfriend in my 2nd year as once I'm in my 3rd year, it'd be time for exams instead of that sort of thing. However, I've already finished my 2nd year, and I've not even had a crush on anyone, let alone a boyfriend. Satoshi-kun, please give me advice in order to have a wonderful love."

Ahh. We have another one as well. From Mayu-chan of Aichi.
"Satoshi-kun, good morning. On 16th February, I'll be 16 years old. This year I've decided I'll fall in love, but as I go to an all-girls high-school, I've not met anyone. However, I still really want to fall in love no matter what. Satoshi-kun, what should I do to find a wonderful guy like you?"

Nah, you don't have to! You shouldn't! Now's not the time for it. You shouldn't be looking for those encounters. Now's not the time.

Now's the time to improve yourself. And then naturally, a boyfriend will appear. Probably. But well, even if you're looking for it, if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen, right?

So in that time, improve yourself. And then naturally, a guy like me will appear! So don't rush. Please take your time looking for him!

Yeah, it's the same as fishing! If you go looking for it, you won't catch any fish. Right? It's when you're not thinking of anything and it'll gently come to you.

So it's because you're overthinking it that you won't catch anything. That's what it is. So if you improve yourself, banish bad thoughts, then you'll get your man!

(laughs) And so with that, the weekly Friday messages have been answered. I'll be awaiting your mail. The address is I'll be waiting for you to send me lots of messages.

See you next week; this was Ohno Satoshi!

Have a good day!


[1] This is the first line of 'Ureshii Hina Matsuri (Happy Dolls Festival)' or the Hina Matsuri song. Lyrics here.

Left all the sushi terms in Japanese because chances are (even if you're not in Japan) your local sushi place will use those names for the sushi anyway.

Also I completely take back all the times I've ever said I wouldn't go to Ohno for advice on love! Now imma see how much I gotta level up to have an Ohno Satoshi doppelganger appear...

Here's the last episode of the week, courtesy of nepheliads


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