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2017.03.15 AD - Where there's pain, there's balsam.

<º))))>< Translation of Ohno Satoshi's 'Arashi Discovery'
<º))))>< Translations by ear (aided by Japanese transcripts).
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Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Here's today's thought of the day; come on!

"It is because there is pain that balsam exists in this world."

[BGM 'Bad Boy']

Hmm? What's this?

This is a quote from the father of Japanese folkloristics, a line from Yanigita Kunio-san's '清光館哀史' (Seikoukan-aishi).

Balsam is a pain-killer and signifies a cure. It is because there is unhappiness and anxiety daily that we have pain-killers and soothing therapies.

Ahh. This was sent in by listener Haruka-san of Aichi. The message reads:

"Ohno-san, good morning. When we learnt this in Japanese class, we thought the sound of the word 'balsam' was cool, so we talked about it amongst my friends. We wanted Ohno-san to say 'balsam' in a cool way so I submitted it. By all means, please say 'balsam' for us to hear! (laughs) Also, what is a 'balsam' for Ohno-san? Incidentally, my 'balsam' is to plug in earphones and listen to Ohno-san's solos at a high volume."

Thank you very much. So it's therapeutic, huh?

I wonder if I've been healed recently? Ah, but maybe a little.

Um, I went to the supermarket. And then the moment I went to the supermarket, there were strawberries right before me. I felt like eating some so I figured I'd buy them. I picked them up, but then when I looked right next to it... There are those white strawberries, right?

"Ah!" I thought. I bought those. They were the most expensive out of all the strawberries. But those white strawberries, they were originally from when me and Nino went on a location shoot. They were first created in an experimental location shoot by me and Nino.

The first ones to successfully make white strawberries were me and Ninomiya Kazunari!

I was surprised. I mean, we did it! We made sure there wasn't any direct sunlight. Yeah. And then, right, it has a distinct taste as well. So like, what does the redness mean?

So that was soothing. I went home and wanted to eat them straight away, so I did. They were delicious!

That was really soothing. If we're talking about recent events.

So I naturally bought those. Since they were placed right in front. That was probably the most soothing, I guess.

That now — what was it? Balsam. I'd like to say it in a cool way for you.

'Balsam'. Here goes...


(laughs) That sounded like 'dalsim'. Lemme try saying 'dalsim' in a cool way.


(laughs) I kinda want to try saying everything with proper pronunciation now. 'Balsam'. Is that right?

Certainly, it has a great ring to it. Mm.

How about FM Yokohama?

'FM Yokohama'.

Eh? Maybe it should be like this... 'FM Yokohama'.

Once more! 'FM Yokohama'.

That's all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


Grab today's episode here, courtesy of nepheliads


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