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2017.03.17 AD - Of breakfast, pranksters and boats.

<º))))>< Translation of Ohno Satoshi's 'Arashi Discovery'
<º))))>< Translations by ear (aided by Japanese transcripts).
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[BGM ‘Akatsuki’]

Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
Every Friday I respond to the messages received on this show.

First up is one from Mizuki-san of Chiba.
"Every morning while preparing breakfast, I listen to Satoshi-kun's radio show. When I'm done, the radio show ends too. Since I live alone, I eat breakfast alone every day and it gets pretty lonely. So on that note, I'd be happy if I could say 'itadakimasu' and 'gochisousama'[1] together with Oh-chan. Would you please say it?"

I see. It's lonely, isn't it? Let's say it.

Right, Mizuki-chan, shall we eat? Ready, and~! Itadakimasu! Right, let's eat!

Next, from Komi-san.

"The other day, while guesting on TOKIO's show, Imai-kun from Tackey and Tsubasa talked about how when he just joined Johnny's, he went on an overnight location shoot with Inohara-kun and the others of V6. When he woke up, he found that as a prank, they'd scribbled all over his thighs and he was surprised to find what a terrific world he'd entered. When he heard this story, Matsuoka-kun said that from '91 until '97, scribble pranks were extremely popular, and everyone started talking about such pranks. Oh-chan, have you ever experienced such a prank?"

It was tremendously popular, this. (laughs)

Actually, I've had that, too. When I was 15 years old, I think? I joined when I was 14 years old. Then at the age of 15, I went on SMAP's nationwide tour. So at that time, Inohara-kun was also there together with me. (laughs)

So we slept at a hotel. When I woke up, I somehow felt strangely cool. It felt strangely cool. On my thighs, and on my legs, too. There was something white on them.

He'd covered them in toothpaste! Then Inohara-kun kinda came in and was like, "Ah, Ohno, you're awake?"

"What's this?"

he said. And then like, Inohara-kun couldn't contain his laughter, he was grinning all over the place.

And then I knew it had to be this guy who did it. (laughs)

Man, naturally, I was like that. I had toothpaste. So like, in '90...? In '95, toothpaste was incredible popular. We really used it a lot. Man, I remember...

Naturally, Inohara-kun, in the past, he was a rascal, incredibly so. He was always doing that sort of thing. I remember now.

But well, really, I'm indebted to Inohara-kun. (laughs) Mm.

When I was 20, when we both did a stageplay together, when I said to him, "Inohara-kun, long ago, you covered me in toothpaste, do you remember?"

He was like, "Eh? Did I do such a thing?"

"You don't remember??"

So there's been stuff like that. (laughs)

Right, next. From Marika-san of Kanagawa.

"Satoshi-kun, good morning. Satoshi-kun, you've mentioned wanting to get a boat license. My boyfriend is like Satoshi-kun in that he loves fishing, and he got a boat license in secret, without my knowledge. I couldn't understand why he had to do it in secret, so it was a bit of a shock. I'll never understand men. What do you suppose that's about?"

Ohh. I wonder. Maybe he wanted to seem cool. Just casually bring it out.

But that's male instincts for you. I understand. Like, "Ahh, I've already got it."

"Ahh, quite a while... I took it about 2 weeks ago."
(laughs) I wanna say that!

Men like being cool like that.

Right, so shall I pull off that sort of coolness? "Actually, I have a boat license."

"Not only that, it's Class 1."

...That's a lie. (laughs)

[BGM ‘Monster’]

What the heck??

Yeah. So the other day, I was talking to a friend. We were eating. Um, then like, someone I knew, a person who likes fishing was there.

So yeah, it naturally just happens. The conversation turns to talk about wanting to get a boat license. I figured Class 2 would be fine. But that friend was all like, "If you're going to get a boat license anyway, why not get Class 1?"

"No, but Class 1 is hard."
Like, there's nautical charts and diagrams and stuff you gotta do, right? Mm.

If it were Class 1, you can pretty much go into the world of boats. Mm. Not only that, it takes about a week to get.

But I'm bad with studying, if I don't take it, I wouldn't get it. I kept saying that I'd be fine with Class 2.

But I've been thinking about it and well... I'll take it someday! (laughs) Someday I'll get it! Mm. That sort of thing.

That's all. (laughs) Next!

From 'I love your Monster solo the best'-san of Tokyo.

"I listen to your show every morning on the way to school and it heals me. Thank you very much. In 2012, during the show's 10th anniversary, you had an episode where you listened to your voice from 10 years ago. I was surprised at how high-spirited the young Ohno-kun had. It was interesting to listen to. In 2017, for your show's 15th anniversary, by all means I'd love to listen to old episodes of this show!"

Ahh. Well, kinda, instead of a 15th anniversary, it's more like 14.5 years.

This is great. Honestly, I'd like to hear it too. So like, well, maybe the first episode or something. Well, we'll air that the week after next. I don't know which Ohno Satoshi they'll be airing, though.

Yeah. So your wish will be granted.

Ah, Mizuki-chan, it's about time. Are you done eating? Right, shall we say it together?

Gochisousama|! Hurry up and go to sleep! (laughs) Ah, she's asleep...

And so with that, the weekly Friday messages have been answered. I'll be awaiting your mail. The address is I'll be waiting for you to send me lots of messages.

See you next week; this was Ohno Satoshi!

Have a good day!


[1] If you've ever watched a jdrama or read a manga, you're probably already aware:
'itadakimasu' = lit. to receive/accept; something you say before you eat.
'gochisousama' = lit. treating (someone); something you say after a meal in the sense of 'thanks for the food'.

Here's the last episode of the week, courtesy of nepheliads


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