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2017.03.20 AD - Ohno-Kurihara Studio Talk 1

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Good morning. This is Arashi's Ohno Satoshi.
This week we have a special project, come on!

Ohno: Oh-chan's and—

Kurihara (radio host of 'Morning Steps'): —Kuri-chan's—

Both: —Studio Talk!

[BGM 'A Day In Our Life']

O: Right! So this show will be ending on the 31st of this month. This week, Kurihara-san will be our guest as we look back through the 14 and a half years.

I mean, for Kurihara-san—

K: Thank you very much.

O: We did the 10th anniversary of October 2012, didn't we? On that houseboat.

K: On the houseboat.

O: So it's been ever since that talk on the boat?

K: Man, it's been about 5 years since then.

O: It's been 5 years, huh?

K: It doesn't seem that way at all.

O: No, it doesn't. It feels like it's only been 2-3 years.

K: That's right, it really does.

It's been since then.

K: Man, time flies, huh?

O: Yeah. What's with that? ...What shall we do?

K: Well first, this show's ending.

O: It's ending, isn't it.

K: Firstly, even though I'm here as a guest, it's really been 14.5 years. Thank you for doing this every morning.

O: Not at all, likewise.

K: You've really been at it, haven't you?

O: I was surprised. But well, like, in a strange way, it hasn't been like, I sure worked hard all these years~ either.

K: Ehh. That's also very Ohno-like too.

O: (laughs) It just came naturally the whole time.

K: You didn't dislike it, did you? Though that's a bit of an odd question.

O: No, I didn't dislike it.

K: Hehhh.

O: Like, before I knew it, it was already the 10th anniversary.

K: Right.

O: Then by the time I realised, it's been 5 years since then.

K: That's right, it's been about 5 years since that time. So this has gone on for 14.5 years, to the point where this 'Ohno Satoshi's ARASHI DISCOVERY' will be ending.

O: Yeah.

K: How does Oh-chan feel about that?

O: Eh? Honestly, nothing in particular. Yeah.

K: (laughs) Wouldn't you feel like, such a pity or anything, normally?

O: Well, my feelings are like, it's ending.

K: Ah, so you don't have any feelings about it.

O: It doesn't feel like it's ending.

K: Ah, it's become too routine?

O: That's right.

K: I suspect the fans listening to the broadcast now would be disturbed to hear that.

O: Ah, I suppose so. But well, I think we've done all sorts of things.

K: For example?

O: I mean, at first it was the 3-choice quiz.

K: Ah, that's true.

O: Question!

K: You sure remember that well, don't you? (laughs)

O: Yeah. So like, I was super high-spirited, I remember.

K: Hehhh.

O: Initially, it was like, Question. I just said it normally, if I'm not mistaken. Then I was told that since it's morning, I should be a little more high-spirited. I vaguely remember that.

So it was since then. I was like, Ah, true. So I was like, Question!!! I used that sort of tone. I did that the whole time.

K: You know, this corner is incredibly popular. Like, I'm telling you now, but at one point it was #1 in the Kanto region.

O: Eh?

K: There was a time when it was #1 in the Kanto region. Basically out of the radio stations.

O: Mm.

K: That's how much people listened to FM Yokohama.

O: Ehhh? Is that so? Amazing!

K: Heh, yeah, it happened with a bang. Basically, in the same way that Arashi had their big break, this corner itself also had an incredibly big break.

O: Right, right.

K: Haven't you felt that this corner was popular? Up until now?

O: Man, how should I say? I honestly never felt it.

K: Like from your friends all commenting on how you're doing radio and stuff?

O: Ahh...

K: Like everyone suddenly telling you that they're listening to Oh-chan's radio show, no 'break' points like that?

O: Like, um, I've done dramas and stuff, right? And the staff? Like the sound person, like, naturally they were there during one of the breaks between filming.

And one time, this sound person was like, "I listen (to your show)". So stuff like that, yeah, that became more common.

K: You got that, as you'd expect.

O: Like how they listened to it every day. I was like, eh, they listen to it?

Like, "Ohno-san has certain habits" and stuff. Like how I say 'I see' a lot and stuff. (laughs) I was like, Ahh, I do say that...

So stuff like that has definitely increased.

K: Well, even such a popular corner will regrettably be coming to an end next week.

[BGM 'Miles away']

O: Right.

K: So with regards to this week, we'll have a little something every day for the fans listening.

O: Right.

K: Like we'd like you to leave a lasting message or quote, if you would.

O: Well, yeah. I guess you must really be surprised.

Well... I've really been allowed to do this for 14.5 years. I've had 14.5 years of various experiences. I got to share all sorts of stories on radio, right?

Well, in a sense (laughs) it lets you get to know me, doesn't it?

So from now on, although there won't be this sort of outlet anymore, well...

Well, it's like you've gotten to understand what sort of man I am (laughs), over these 14.5 years.

So from now on, for example on TV (laughs), if you suddenly see me with a tan and stuff... You can be like, ah, so he's been (fishing) again. Yeah.

K: Well, we'll be continuing this tomorrow as well. By all means, please look forward to the rest of this week!

O: Right.

That's all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


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For those who haven't listened to the older episodes before it changed to the current 'quote of the day' and Friday messages format, Ohno used to do a sort of quiz with 3 multiple-choice answers. (The answer was always the 2nd choice, for some reason...)

Grab today's episode here, courtesy of nepheliads


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"Well, in a sense (laughs) it lets you get to know me, doesn't it?

So from now on, although there won't be this sort of outlet anymore, well...

Well, it's like you've gotten to understand what sort of man I am (laughs), over these 14.5 years."

It's so true~ A daily glimpse into Ohno's worldview. :( What am I going to do now, Leader? Take responsibility for my emotions!!

Thank you as always for all your hard work, though I don't say it enough. ♥
The loss of this radio show feels like a rare species going extinct :(

I wonder if Ohno will come to miss it, once it fully sinks in? Aside from concerts, I'd imagine the radio show is one of the most interactive forms of contact with fans.

。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 Oh-chan... I hope you'll have another radio show ..


March 22 2017, 00:53:18 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  March 22 2017, 00:53:54 UTC

Fingers crossed, though from the way he's talked about it so far, it doesn't feel like he has any radio projects lined up (/へ\*)

Do another radio show Oh-chan T.T
this is werid... what am I going to do in the morning now? I usually have a coffee & read your translation, sometimes listen to the show directly as well... it's like a part of my morning got stolen -.-

♥ to you!
it's like a part of my morning got stolen <--- My sentiments exactly ;___;

I don't know, Ohno's been responsible for my LJ staying active all these years. Not sure what I'll do when AD's over...
sometimes I go back in your translations to read old stuff & be nostalgic XD

but I understand - I use my own lj really seldom now... somehow it faded...
;___; I can't listen to AD now without being sad! Can't help it.. and when he laughs things get worse!!! And to think they put Miles Away when he talked.. my heart shattered!!! T__T

Ochan seems happy he'll be free from work.. lol.. but maybe after a while he'll miss it!!! Or maybe not!!! But we fans are so scared of letting it go.. he'll just disappear!! I really wish there was another project.. but if there even is, they are not hinting anything T__T

Maybe I should write something for AD.. even if my Japanese is limited :_;

Thank you <3
They don't seem to be hinting at any other radio shows (at least not with FM Yokohama) so I don't know, it really feels like a door closing on us.

You should submit something! Although he'll probably be swamped with messages from all his fans in Japan, I'm sure he'd appreciate seeing fans outside Japan also support him.
It's closing very slowly and it's killing us..

Yeah I'll send him a letter to thank him, It's ok if he doesn't read it at the radio.. I'm sure he'll read it later.. (I'm so tempted to send him a letter with: OCHAN BAKA BAKA BAKA!!) :__: but let's not behave like small kids.. .__.